Now that we have covered the basics of food, nutrition, healthy eating, measurement, kitchen and food safety it's time to get down to the good stuff. Before you get too excited we have just a few more important details to cover before you can be let loose into the kitchen. An important tool for any chef from beginner to expert is a recipe, but what makes a good recipe and what do you need to know about recipes? The first thing you should do with any recipe is read it in its entirety. Make sure you understand all the cooking terms within the recipe. It will be hard for you to "cream" together the butter and sugar if you aren't sure what that means. Check your equipment. You can't complete a recipe that requires using a piece of equipment that you don't have. Lastly check your ingredients. Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients that your recipe requires before you attempt to prepare it.


We will also be covering recipe substitutions and healthy ingredient alternatives.


Some great commercial sites for finding and creating recipes are:
All Recipes
Super Cook


Ever wanted to know how to make the Olive Garden's Alfredo sauce or Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits? These sites have tons of restaurant favorite recipes available to you!
Copy Kat Recipes
Top secret recipes ...... shhhh

Below are some more sites that provide more information on recipe development.
Metric in the Kitchen
Recipe Development
Discussion on where recipes come from