Kids, they're active, full of energy, and definitely get enough exercise right? WRONG! We have already learned that one of the reasons the "Food Guide Pyramid was changed to "My Pyramid" was to incorporate and highlight the importance of physical activity. The recommendation is that kids 18 and under get 60 minutes of physical activity and adults get 30 minutes of physical activity per day to maintain a healthy weight. These activities include; walking, sports, running, biking, hiking, swimming and various other types of physical activity. With all this energy and all these options for physical activity kids should have no problem meeting those requirements right? WRONG again! It's estimated that the average American child or adolescent spends approximately 7.5 hours a day using various forms of technology including mobile phones, gaming, watching TV, or using the computer. Several programs have been targeted at winning this battle with childhood obesity. One example is one we highlighted earlier developed by Michelle Obama called "Let's Move." Steps need to be taken by kids and adults alike to start a routine of healthy eating and physical activity. Families can use the sites below for tips and suggestions including family activities, recipes for healthier food options, and community resources.

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The sites below have suggestions and hints for getting started, getting active and staying healthy!

American Council for Fitness and Nutrition
Physical Fitness
American College of Sports Medicine