Back in 2005 what was called the “Food Guide Pyramid" was changed to "My Pyramid" These changes were made for a few reasons. First, the horizontally stacked levels of food groups were changed into vertical sections to represent that while we need more servings of certain types of foods, no one food group was more important than another. Now, instead of being stacked the color coded vertical sections differed in size to signify which food groups we need more servings of.

Another and perhaps more significant change made was the addition of physical fitness. In a time where the population of our country has an ever growing obesity rate it was felt that the importance of daily physical exercise needed to be addressed. Currently about 1/3 of American children and 2/3 of American adults are categorized as overweight or obese.

*THIS JUST IN*: In June 2011 the USDA announced the federal government's release of new dietary guidelines that focus on reducing the caloric intake and increasing the frequency of physical activity. This new icon called "My Plate" and guidelines are due in large part to First Lady Michelle Obama. This new icon coupled with her program "Let's Move" will lead to changes to help make Americans healthier. Follow these links to get more information about "My Plate" and "Let's Move" Let's Move!

My Pyramid
New Dietary Guidelines