We've all been scolded at some point or another to clean up after ourselves, BUT in the kitchen having a clean and safe working environment greatly reduces the risk of injuries due to slips, falls, cuts, burns, fires and other preventable accidents that occur due to hazards in the kitchen. Proper knife storage and handling can prevent cuts. Closing drawers and cabinets can prevent bumps, bruises or a possible concussion. Keeping curtains and papers away from electric appliances and open flames can prevent a fire. These tips may seem simple and elementary, but they are common mistakes that can cause serious injury and even death. We will explore how to keep yourself and others safe from these types of hazards in the kitchen. "Mise en Place" is a good rule of thumb expression to follow in the kitchen. It’s a French expression that means a place for everything and has been widely interpreted as “A place for everything and everything in its place. What do you already know about kitchen safety?

Just for fun take this quiz and see how much you already know about some basic kitchen and food safety questions. You may be surprised at some of the answers. Posts your comments and scores in the discussion area.Kitchen and Food Safety Quiz

How many kitchen safety hazards can you find in this picture? Try to find at least 10.

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