Food and Nutrition is a course designed to teach you about caring for your body through nutritional knowledge, healthy eating habits, and exercise. Taking care of your body is a great habit to start while you're young and a hard habit to break once you understand how to do it the right way. When your body is functioning properly you will notice that you simply feel better and are ready to take on the day. People who eat healthily live longer, have more energy, get sick less, and have healthier hair, skin, and nails. Starting a healthy eating and exercise routine will keep you looking younger longer and greatly reduce the chances of developing diseases such as heart disease, hypertension(high blood pressure), and diabetes later in life. It is VERY important that as we begin this journey in food and nutrition together that you do not confuse food and nutrition with dieting and losing weight. Often times as Americans we are obsessed with unrealistic body images that may put our health and wellness in jeopardy. We will talk more in depth about healthy verses disordered eating later in this course. A healthy well nourished body mustn't be confused with a slender body. The two are not interchangeable.

As we begin our journey think about the following questions:
-Do you eat a healthy well balanced diet?
-Do you get enough exercise?
-What nutritional goals do you have for yourself while you take this course?


These following links have vital information on the basics of food and nutrition
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