Having a safe kitchen environment and work area can help to keep your food safe as well. Following simple rules for safe food handling, storage, and preparation can help to prevent the chances of you getting sick from food borne illnesses and bacteria. Keeping your food safe goes far beyond washing your hands in hot soapy water and tying back your hair. Some basic concepts of food safety that we'll be discussing are the six listed above in the picture: Check, Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill, and Throw Away. What do those 6 categories for keeping our food safe really mean?
Make sure to check your food for mold and other blemishes and oddities. Clean food that may have chemicals or pesticides such as fruits and vegetables. Separate foods like raw meats from those that will not be cooked. Cook meat and eggs to the recommended temperatures to kill harmful bacteria. Chill; keep foods at the temperature they need to be kept at. If it’s cold, keep it cold and if it’s hot, keep it hot. Throw Away; if food has been out for more than two hours it should not be stored for future use. A good rule to follow for safe food handling and consumption is “When in doubt, THROW IT OUT!”


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