Disordered eating is a prevalent problem among America's youth. These types of disorders most often present in adolescence and young adulthood, but can present in some cases in childhood or later in adulthood. The eating disorders we will be covering include; Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating. Did you know that an eating disorder has little to nothing to do with food? Disorder eating is a mental disorder that stems around the issue of control. Most often the person struggling with the disorder feels they have little control over any other aspect of their life and chooses to control their food intake in negative ways. Unfortunately before they realize the damage they are doing the disease has spun out of control and taken control of them. People with eating disorders are not crazy, and they are not broken, but they do need a series of medical professionals to overcome their disorders and continue on to live a healthy life. These are some of the things we will be talking about during our unit on eating disorders.

"For the Love of Nancy" is a fictional movie based on the real live struggles of actress Tracey Gold who was on the show Growing Pains in the early 90's. Above is part 1 of 9. To view the other parts go to "YouTube" and search "For the Love of Nancy" and the remaining portions of the movie will appear.

Another excellent source for eating disorders is a show on A&E called Intervention. I have purchased the episode pack available on eating disorders and we will be watching some of the episodes in class. If you are interested in learning more about this show please follow the link. Intervention


The links below will help us to learn more about the signs and symptoms, characteristics of each disorder, create awareness about these disorders, and show us ways to seek help or find help for someone who maybe suffering from an eating disorder.

National Institute of Mental Health
National Eating Disorders Association
Eating Disorders Shared Awareness